Tips On Making Moving House An Easier Procedure

04Nov 2014

Moving is an exciting time but also a busy and challenging time. There is a lot of work involved so you need to make sure you are organised. Making a list is important as it provides a frame work to work to. Start planning in advance so you can take your time to consider all the work involved. The list should include how you are going to move your contents, packing, change of address etc. Work out a budget this will help you decide how you will do the move from who you hire and what you can do yourself.  Consider what you want to take with you to your new place. If you are certain that everything will fit and suit your new property then this can be a good idea and save costs of buying new furniture. On the other hand you may not be taking everything and want rid of it. If this is the case you can either give it away of sell it. Online sites such as EBay are good selling sites, or you can advertise in local papers or attend car boot sales. If anything is broken you could dump it, or arrange for a clearance firm to take it away. When you know you’re moving date you will need to think how you are going to move your belongings and furniture. Do you need a large removal firm who will do the entire work? Do you only need a smaller man and van company to shift a smaller load? Or would you prefer to do your own removal and hire a removal vehicle to do the work yourself and cut costs? Do you research ask people you know if they can suggest recommendations. Or source the internet for companies in your area. You can apply online for free quotes to give you an idea of costs. Make sure you get several quotes first before deciding to compare services and rates. Arrange a meeting and discuss the amount of contents you want shifting. A consultant will be able to calculate your load and supply a precise quote for you and go over how the relocation will be handled.After choosing your choice of removal then you have to consider the packing. You can pay the experts who will also supply the packing supplies at an extra cost. Or you can do it yourself. Just make sure you get plenty of good quality cardboard boxes, labels, strong tape, scissors or a knife and packaging. Sort out what first and get rid of either by donating or selling. With the rest of the belongings Begin to inform everyone you deal with such as utilities, doctors, schools, work and banks etc of your change of address. Try to go through all of your contacts and let them know. Though for a small fee you can arrange with the post office to forward post from your old address to your new one for a certain period after you have moved. This is certainly worth it if you have forgotten certain ones. Pack items you don’t use much first, then go through one room at a time. If you need storage for certain items book in advance and move it. Pack carefully and make sure all breakables are individually wrapped and protected. Label clearly and state what is in the box and what room. This will make unpacking a little easier. Keep the weight even as you have to move the boxes. Create an inventory to help you know what is in each box. It also helps if something goes missing. After everything is packed and on its way to your new address you will have to make sure everything is clean and tidy.

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